Pluripotent Stem Cells : reprogramming & tissue engineering

INGESTEM’s international congress

19-20, November 2015 – La Maison de la Chimie – Paris, France

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INGESTEM is the French National infrastructure of leading Research Institutes focused on Embryonic and Induced pluripotent stem cell biology, cell and tissue engineering for clinical applications.

Pluripotent stem cells: reprogramming and tissue engineering, our first international congress, will take place in Paris at November 19-20, 2015. It is supported by the Plan Investissement d’Avenir Program and the Ile-de-France Region. Indeed, we will be pleased to welcome attendees from all around the world and all the talks will be given in English.

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An interdisciplinary congress in Paris with academic and industrial leaders

to stimulate emerging interactions between human genetics and stem cell biology that will lead to a more personalized medicine.


From the bench to the bedsite, all aspects of pluripotent stem cell biology and medical applications will be adressed: reprogramming, pluripotency, diffrentiation, disease modelling, drug discovery, translational research, regenerative medicine. Discover the program.


INGESTEM congress will take place on 19-20 november 2015 at  La Maison de la Chimie, a splendid historical building in central Paris, with a modern conference center located at five minutes from the Eiffel Tower, Musée d’Orsay and Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Organization Committee

 Annelise Bennaceur-Griscelli (Université Paris Sud), John De Vos (Université Montpellier), Jean-Marc Lemaitre (Inserm), Cécile Martinat (Inserm), Marc Peschanski (Inserm), Olivier Pourquié (CNRS), Pierre Savatier (Inserm), Ali Turhan (Université Paris Sud). Lear more here.